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Be a Good Teacher

The teaching and learning of any sport, in this case paddle, is something very complex. Therefore, all coaches, instructors and people who want to be part of teaching this sport play a very important role in its development, which is in total and continuous growth throughout the world.

All of us who love this sport believe in the vital importance of guaranteeing optimal training for our students, which is why good training as coaches is necessary. Quality Padel Academy was born from this idea, an academy to train paddle coaches and instructors.

Discover Our Methodology

The QPA methodology refers to the way in which we approach the learning process of a student. That is how do we structure a class, what are the progressions of the technical shots that we will see next and how do we introduce the tactic.

Apart from this as you will see in the technical aspects for certain shots we have our methodology to follow in each phase of the shot.

At QPA we work following a specific methodology that we have been working on for more than 10 years and that has given us very good results.
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